TRICO® PRO is a scent and taste repellent that protects against deer, rabbits, elk and moose that browse, rub or debark seedlings, trees and shrubs.

For commercial application, TRICO® PRO is a ready-to-use liquid concentrate used directly without any mixing or dilution. For protection against deer browsing,

TRICO® PRO is applied to the terminal shoots of stems or trunks of trees or shrubs – for protection against rubbing or debarking. TRICO® PRO provides effective control for up to 6 months and ensures that young plantations have undisturbed growth.

Refer to the label (Product data sheet) for further information

Active Ingredient
Sheep fat
Deciduous trees, Coniferous trees
in Deciduous trees and Coniferous trees in forestry against roe deer, red deer, moose and elk
Mode of Action

A scent and taste repellent protecting against browsing, rubbing and debarking damages of deer, elk and moose

Oil in water emulsion
Sheep fat 6.4

Refer to the label


Store only in original container, in a cool, dry area. Keep away from children and pets. Protect from heat and freezing. Store between 35°F and 85°F. From date of manufacture, product can be stored for 24 months. Keep container tightly closed to prevent spillage and evaporation. If spillage occurs, dilute with water and flush away.

United States: EPA Reg. No. 71637-2
Use plant protection products with care. Always read label and product information before use.