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Protects against deer, elk and moose damage.

Forests in America

With unprecedented challenges from major threats such as drought and wildfire, successful regeneration is key to sustaining, healthy and resilient forests of the future. In many parts of North America, increased populations of deer resulting from favorable habitat and reduced predation that is associated with human development, are having a severe impact on regenerating forests.

In many parts of North America, an overabundance of deer (>50 animals per acre), are severely limiting the natural regeneration of the forest understory. Drastic measures are being used to ensure successful regeneration, such as organized mass hunts, or obstructive fencing.

TRICO® PRO is an alternative for deterring browsing by deer, elk and moose.

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Versatile use

At the heart of all TRICO® PRO is flexibility. TRICO® PRO can be applied to a range of tree species in a variety of landscapes. Used at any time of the year, TRICO® PRO prevents browsing, antler rubbing and debarking damage from deer, elk and moose. TRICO® PRO supports reforestation efforts. Effective for up to 6 months, it ensures that forest owners' efforts pay off and young trees can develop undisturbed from deer damage.

Benefits of TRICO® PRO



  • TRICO® PRO discourages damage by deer, elk or moose. 
  • Dual mode of action: by creating both a scent and taste barrier.
  • Residual repellency up to 6 months



  • Get long lasting protection with a single application.
  • Protects all tree species from browsing.
  • Suitable for all terrains, wherever one can carry a knapsack sprayer.



  • Formulated to  start working upon application.
  • Water resistant once dried.
  • Dries odorless to humans.



  • Proven track record in Europe
  • Applied to over 200 million trees annually.
  • One gallon covers up to 1000 plants (when applied as directed)



  • Protection from seedling to mature tree
  • Use TRICO® PRO across the entire forest landscape. Suitable for all tree species.
  • Safeguards your seedling investment.
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Industrial Forestry

Fifty eight percent of forestland is privately owned. Local, tribal, state, and federal governments manage the remainder.

TRICO® PRO is a product that assists the large-scale forester to reach their reforestation targets. In areas with high browsing pressure, this product can protect tree species that are preferentially selected by deer, elk and moose.

TRICO® PRO’s long-lasting protection reduces the effort and expense when compared to fencing strategies.



Small Woodlot Farm

Forest practices that encourage the immediate regeneration of new trees is essential for sound forest management and the long-term forest health and productivity. 

Letting in more light allows shrubs and trees to thrive. Wildlife benefits from increased food sources and the woodlot owner from a harvest of timber.

TRICO® PRO is a ready to use repellent that protects all species of tree from all types of deer. Effective up to 6 months, it protects your new forest stand.



Christmas Trees

“Once the deer have begun their browsing, there is no way to salvage a sellable tree. It causes major contract issues for the buyer.” 
Tom Fetzer, Fetzer’s Tree Farm. New York State

Weather resistant formula provides effective damage control. Transparent when dried and odorless to humans.

TRICO® PRO protects your production.

Nursery Trees

Whether your production is “ball and burlap,” “pot-in-pot” or “bagged root” increasing plant survival in the forest is paramount. Discouraging browsing by deer, elk and moose can also conserve native species in conservation settings.

Applying TRICO® PRO in the nursery ensures your customers trees are protected from the moment they are planted while saving application costs in the field. TRICO® PRO is suitable for spring and autumn planting.


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