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Practical use

At the heart of all TRICO® products is flexibility. TRICO®, the agricultural repellent, when diluted protects field crops, vegetables, vineyards, orchards and berries from browsing by deer, elk, moose and rabbits. Hardly recognizable to humans it provides – apart from a taste barrier – a very strong scent barrier.

TRICO® provides effective control of damage to vulnerable, deer attractive agricultural plants.

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Benefits of TRICO®



  • Dual mode of action: repels deer, elk, moose and rabbits through taste & smell.
  • Single application protects up to 6 months.
  • Effective in all seasons.



  • TRICO® protects agricultural crops from browsing.
  • No specialist equipment is required simply use standard hand-held, knapsack, or garden sprayers.
  • Apply to the whole field or as a protective perimeter treatment.



  • Formulated to start working upon application.
  • Dries odorless to humans



  • The European market leader.
  • TRICO® is effective for up to 6 months.
  • Water resistant once dried.



  • Use TRICO® right across the agricultural landscape.
  • Can be applied multiple times to manage ongoing deer pressure. Do not exceed six applications per year.
  • TRICO® reduces browsing damage to vulnerable deer attractive plants.
Corn growing protection

TRICO® ensures that crops can grow undisturbed.

Deer damage of agricultural crops has increased in recent years. Red and roe deer will browse on emerging corn crops. Ultimately, this will lead to missing plants, an uneven crop and will influence yield.

An application of TRICO® over the full field or at least 70 foot wide perimeter around the field will discourage deer from browsing. TRICO® protects crops and yield.

Vineyard protection

TRICO® protects vines against game browsing.

In vineyards, early plant growth is especially susceptible to damage caused by deer. Game browsing can retard plant growth, which can have long-term effects on yield and quality. In severe cases, a young vine may require replanting.

Using TRICO® any time before flowing deters deer from browsing the foliage.

Soy crop protection

Due to its high protein content, soy crops are a particular favorite for foraging deer. 

Growers in high deer density areas have switched to other crops, like sorghum, to minimize the ingress of deer.

TRICO® allows those growers to move back in to soybean production.

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