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TRICO® products protect plants

TRICO® PRO is a scent and taste repellent that protects against deer, elk and moose that browse, rub or debark seedlings, trees and shrubs TRICO® provides effective control of deer damage to vulnerable, deer attractive agricultural plants.

The TRICO® brands offer long-lasting protection and are effective in all seasons. A proven track record in Europe has been achieved thanks to the residual repellency, the fact they start working immediately and the dual action provides protection in a range of plants from forestry to vineyards, orchards to field crops.

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Apply year-round

Get long-lasting protection with a single application

Ease of use

Ready-to-use product with weather resistant formula

Double Mode of Action

Repels by scent and taste

Plant compatibility

For use on all tree species - coniferous and deciduous

Multiple use product

Prevents deer, elk or moose damage in forestry and agriculture


Water resistant formula provides effective damage control

TRICO® PRO prevents browsing, rubbing and debarking in forestry:
  • With only one application, it offers long-lasting protection
  • Ready-to-use product with weather resistant formula
  • Repels by scent and taste
  • Can be used on all type of trees, in all terrains and against all deer
  • Dries odorless to humans


Forests in America

With unprecedented challenges from major threats such as drought and wildfire, successful regeneration is key to sustaining, healthy and resilient forests of the future. In many parts of North America, increased populations of deer resulting from favorable habitat and reduced predation that is associated with human development, are having a severe impact on regenerating forests.

In many parts of North America, an overabundance of deer (>50 animals per acre), are severely limiting the natural regeneration of the forest understory. Drastic measures are being used to ensure successful regeneration, such as organized mass hunts, or obstructive fencing.
TRICO® PRO is an alternative for deterring browsing by deer, elk and moose.

What customers say

"Once the deer have begun their browsing, there is no way to salvage a sellable tree. It causes major contract issues for the buyer".

Tom Fetzer, Fetzer’s Tree Farm. New York State


"TRICO® is easy to use, saves us a lot of time and money by eliminating the need for an expensive touch-up when used as a peel guard."

Innovation meets Tradition

In Europe, Hunters and foresters have long used sheep wool as a repellent against deer. However, its application is labor intensive, time consuming and the protection is short lived.

Seeking to overcome these issues Kwizda Agro sought an alternative and the idea of using ‘sheep fat’ as an active ingredient was born.

Through our expertise and experience in developing effective and innovative formulations Kwizda Agro took ‘sheep fat’, the active ingredient in TRICO®  and created an effective deer repellent.


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